Beyond Our Dreams

by micah

Vivaldi Ski Resort on Christmas Day 2018

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year!

I just got home from South Korea where we spent our Christmas this 2018. This was our first time to celebrate Christmas outside the Philippines. I didn’t like the idea at first since I’m not a fan of the cold weather, but since my mother really wanted to experience a White Christmas, we gave it a try.

When we arrived there, it was super cold. We were a bit disappointed since it wasn’t snowing. Good thing going to a ski resort was part of our itinerary. On Christmas Day, we were surrounded with snow, just like how my mother wanted it to be.

All of us enrolled in a basic ski lesson. It was extremely challenging at first but once you got the hang out of it, you’d enjoy it. 

The parents decided to skip the slopes, so us, the children, were on our own. I really enjoyed my first try but unfortunately, I fell and somehow couldn’t get my shoes back to the ski equipment. Instead of skiing down, I had to walk downhill, in the snow, carrying my equipment. I was very frustrated because it was very heavy and walking around with ski shoes wasn’t very comfortable. Since we had to return all of our equipment at 4:30PM, I didn’t have the time to ski down again because the line at the ski lift was very long. 

We were supposed to stay overnight but decided to go back to Seoul instead. 

It was a fun and challenging experience for us. I’m looking forward to ski again someday.

Sharing to you our photos on that day:

How did you spend your Christmas this year?



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