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by micah

The Dangers of Staying in Our Comfort Zone

Winnie the Pooh once said that “Home is the comfiest place to be”. For most of us, that’s very true. It’s the best place to be! If it’s possible, we’ll never opt to leave the house. As a result, we’ve built our walls of comfort around it and we do our best to protect it.

Likewise, in our Christian life, we’ve also built our walls of comfort. It may be our church, our youth group, or our ministry. It’s a place where we can feel the safest with the people we can be the most comfortable with. Whether we’ll admit it or not, we all want to stay there forever. As much as possible, we don’t want anything to do with whatever that’s outside of it because we think that whatever is out there is dangerous and we fear the uncertain. But what I have found out recently is that there are more dangers in our comfort zone than what is outside of it.

Danger #1 You will not be inspired

As children of the creative God, we are meant to be creative. It is in our nature to create. It may be a painting, a song, a story, or anything. Whatever it is, it urges us to do something. However, artists get uninspired from time to time. When that happens, they’re told to go on a vacation to get inspiration. In my experience, I always feel so inspired when I go to a different place and see different kinds of culture, community, and perspective. When I go back home from those experiences, I get to do more. Staying in your comfort zone will not give you inspiration since you only see and experience things over and over again.

Danger #2 You will not grow

As human beings, growth is essential to us. Physically, mentally, emotionally, it is important for us to grow. But when we run out of inspiration, growth will not happen. P.T Barnum once said that “Comfort is the enemy of progress”. There’s so much truth into that. Being too comfortable will not get you anywhere. If you’re a songwriter but will not go out from your comfort zone, your songs will just sound the same. If you’re an artist who doesn’t want to try a new technique, everything will somehow look the same. If you’re a businessman who doesn’t want to take some risk, your business will not grow. In the same way, as an individual, if we don’t go out from our comfort zone, we will not grow. As Christians, if we will not go, the Kingdom of Heaven will not grow.

Danger #3 You will not reach your God-given potential

Being the person God wants us to be is the best person we’ll ever be. But becoming that person is not a walk in the park. Every day, we have to make a choice to be that person. Our God-given potential is the best thing that we could pursue. But staying in our comfort zone will not get us there. In the Bible, God promised the Israelites that He’ll give every land where they will set their feet on (Joshua 1:3). There’s a promise to claim but there’s also work needed to be done. In order to claim that promise, they have to go and make sure that they will set their feet on a lot of places. If they only stayed in one place, their territory never would have extended. Likewise, if we don’t do what God tells us to do, we’ll never be able to claim His promises. God commanded us to go and as we go, we will grow our faith in Him. It will not happen if we’d just stick to our comfort zone because we will not be tested. Only when we’re tested that our faith will grow deeper. When that happens, we will reach our God-given potential.

Our comfort zone may look safe for the moment but in the long run, it will slowly intoxicate us. Step out from that place now and be the person God wants you to be!

4 thoughts on “The Dangers of Staying in Our Comfort Zone”

  1. if stay comfy…..we will miss the chance to realize our full potential……what makes us safe also imprisons us…….Abraham had to leave his family behind to fulfill God’s will in his life……Moses had to leave the life he get used to……the disciples did so……when God invited Moses to come near…he was instructed to remove his sandals……knowing Him is like going into the uncomfortable unknown….devoid of anything we hold

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