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by micah

Japan Travel Diary

I had an incredible opportunity to travel to Japan with my mother, sisters, and godmother, last May 24-29, 2018. This was my third time in Japan and it’s always great to come back to this beautiful country. This is also my first time to travel abroad with my godmother, my Mom’s best friend, and it’s an experience for a life time! Even though Daddy wasn’t with us, we really had a great time.

I was really looking forward to this trip because it’s a great opportunity to take a lot of photos. Since I bought a new camera a couple of months ago, this was the perfect time to make use of it. I hope you’d enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking and editing them. J


Day 1- Tokyo

I couldn’t remember how many times we crossed the Shibuya Crossing just so we could get a decent photo. After so many tries, I gave up and settled into these. Honestly, I wasn’t even sure what kind of photos I was trying to get.

Day 2- Kyoto

Most of the time, we were on a bullet train, trying to get the most out of our 7-day JR Pass for tourists. It’s an unlimited pass to all bullet trains, JR rails, and JR buses. I must say, it was very sulit! It costs P14,000.00 per person. Since we went to a lot of places, we were able to save a lot of money. This day, we went to Arashimaya Bamboo Grove, Kinkakuji Golden Pavilion, and Fushimi Inari Shine.

Day 3- Hiroshima

This was probably the most challenging day of the trip. We went to Miyajima Island. We got overwhelmed by the beauty of the place and we accidentally overstayed. It was partly my fault since I spent so much time taking a lot of photos at the beach area. Not to mention the minutes (and fats) I burned just so I could reach the other side of the beach. When it was time to get back to the city, my godmother got on the wrong ferry. We followed her since we didn’t have any means of communication. But when we arrived at the port, she wasn’t there. We realized that she went back to the island. Lol. I panicked a little bit, but I decided that I won’t come after her anymore since she might take the next ferry back to the city. I was so happy to see a tourist information center and the guy there really helped me communicate with the ones in charge at the port of the island. She got the message and took the next ferry. However, we didn’t make it to our train back to Tokyo because we got on a wrong bus. We had to ride a train to Kyoto so that we could make it to our Mount Fuji trip the next day. When we got to Kyoto, no rooms were available. We were walking from one hotel to another, carrying our bags, but they would always decline us. Then we realized, all we had to do was just book online and they would entertain us. They don’t accept walk-in guests! ?? After going back and forth, we finally stayed at Kyoto Tower Hotel. What a day!

Day 4- Mount Fuji

This was the longest travel we’ve had to reach a destination. We traveled for almost 8 hours but only stayed at Mount Fuji 5th Station for 25 minutes. We rode the last bus going there and the last bus going down had only a 25-minute interval. We had no choice. But the moment we got there, all the feeling of tiredness went away. The view was so beautiful. It took our breath away.

Day 5- Shopping

My sister, Ella, and I were supposed to go to Disneyland, but she got tired, so we joined the rest on their shopping spree.

We had an amazing time! Even though there were a lot of walking involved, it was all worth it!

How about you? Have you ever visited Japan? What’s your favorite tourist spot? If not, what place do you want to see the most?


-Micah 🙂



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