Beyond Our Dreams

by micah

Fruit of the Spirit Recognition Party

After eight weeks of intensive studying of each Fruit of the Spirit, we finally wrapped it up with a recognition party. It’s our first time to use a curriculum in our children’s ministry, and it excites not only the students but also the teachers. It has its challenges, but it was incredibly fulfilling at the end.

In these eight weeks, we have seen an enormous difference in the lives of the children involved in the ministry. They didn’t just remember what they have learned but also took it to heart. They were very participative during classes and was always sharing the lessons to their classmates in school. At a very young age, they have already shared the Gospel.

As the headteacher, this only brings me joy. This role is never simple, but it’s worth it. I love spending time with the children, and I love serving the Lord with the teachers. We’re delighted with the result of this curriculum, and we’re so excited to start a new one.

Below are the pictures that we took during the party. Please enjoy!

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