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by micah

Boracay: Different But Still the Same

Boracay is one of the best beaches in the Philippines. It is very well-known worldwide. Everybody loves it there and who wouldn’t, right? Its clear waters will take your breath away.  Every year, thousands of tourists from different countries visit this beautiful island. As much as it is helping the country’s tourism, it is also slowly destroying the island. Pollution was killing the shores, so our president decided to close it down for six months for it to rehabilitate.

I have a lot of good memories of Boracay. My family and I would always go there ever since I was a kid. We have relatives who live in Kalibo, just a couple of hours away from the island. My family and I love road trips. So, we went there by land a couple of times. One of my fondest memories is when we went there with our family friends and churchmates. Every trip to Boracay was always great.

After its re-opening early this year, my family and I had the chance to take another trip there last February. I know it’s eight months late, but I never got the opportunity to blog about it. The previous months have been a struggle for me creatively, so I decided to put blogging on hold. Right now, I’m feeling better. So, before the year ends, I will share with you my experience for this trip.

When we arrived there, I was very impressed. Everything was so clean, and there were no more vendors on the shores and no more night parties. It was very peaceful. What I loved the most was the wide beach area. Back then, it got smaller because vendors would be all over the place. But after the rehabilitation, it was so vast. You’d enjoy walking without getting distracted from the vendors. During this trip, we stayed at Station 1, so it’s quieter than the other stations.

Boracay is quite different than what I was used to, but do you know what stayed the same? Boracay’s sunsets. Boracay always had a beautiful sunset. I’ve never seen a beautiful sunset as beautiful as Boracay’s.

Below are the photos that I took during this trip.

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